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How To Nail The Japanese SAT II

Dear frustrated gakusei,

You're gearing up to take the Japanese SAT II (which already sets you apart from a lot of people). You love the Japanese language, and want your test score to reflect that. But there are a few nagging problems:

Are you worried by any of the following?

  • You have to take the test soon. You have to study for it thoroughly. But you also have school, other tests, and a life that you can't just neglect for one test.
  • You realize there are no test-prep resources specifically meant for the Japanese SAT II. Not even from The College Board. Exams are tough enough as it is, even WITH plenty of books on how to prep.
  • You effectively have only one shot at taking it before applying for college: for whatever crazy reasons, the Japanese SAT II is only held once a year in November.
How To Nail the Japanese SAT II Subject Test
Score Better On the
Japanese SAT II

That's the bad news. The good news is that I have a guide that walks you through exactly how to get a high score.

Here's some of what
my guide shows you:

  • Frustrated that you're not sure what to study for the test? I've included a 14-day, 3-items-a-day "Attack Plan" for covering everything you need to, efficiently but thoroughly. You'll have more peace of mind, knowing that you're covering the right stuff.
  • Don't have time to waste on figuring out how to study? Been there. I have 11 best practices for studying for the test.
  • Feel like there's a "trick" to prepping for the Japanese SAT II? There is: it's called using flashcards the right way. I show you 7 underappreciated approaches to using flashcards for learning kanji and vocabulary, so that you remember what you need to without needless repetition or feeling like you're slogging through quicksand.
  • Don't want to take a gamble on costly "learning tools"? I know of 6 great, free, online tools that you can use to hone your Japanese reading and listening skills. They're already there for anyone's use, but I'll tell you exactly where to go.
  • Want even more advantages? I have 7 great books to recommend--which not only came in handy when I was prepping for the test, but also helped improve my Japanese long afterwards.

"When I found your guide, it was like an oasis in the desert because I had really hard time to get a prep-book for the Japanese SAT."

—Seung Lee

No, this isn't some overpriced pack of CDs or DVDs, or a thick book that you have to study over. It's a nice, compact (18-page) PDF that you can use right now.

It's just $9 flat.

Note: This guide is NOT a self-contained curriculum. I assume you already have at least some textbooks that you're using. My guide is meant to help you apply the materials you already have (particularly the Genki textbooks) in the most efficient way possible for the test, and I suggest other materials, too.

It's all stuff you can discover on your own the hard way—but you only have one crack at the test and I assume you're reading this because you'd like to learn from someone else's experience.

There's nothing that requires shipping, so all you have to do is hit the PayPal button (below), and you'll have the solutions right in front of you, ready to use for a better score on the exam.

My Guarantee:

You have a full 30 days to see my approaches work for you. You'll be less frustrated, more knowledgeable about Japanese, more confident, and better-prepared for the Japanese SAT II, or you can email me for a full refund, no questions asked.

Enough about my guide. You have a quickly approaching test to study for!

iSigned, Phil Rozek

Phil Rozek
Email: phil (at)

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