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Japanese Word for "Chopsticks"

The Japanese word for chopsticks is hashi. The way to say it phonetically, is "hah-she".

Here's the kanji for hashi, the Japanese word for chopsticks.

Japanese word for chopsticks--pronounced hah-she

Here's how to write hashi in hiragana:

Hiragana for ha, pronounced hah Hiragana for shi, pronounced she

There are several important manners for using hashi, or Japanese chopsticks. One of the most important is, when you aren't using your chopsticks, to put them on top of the bowl, rather than just hanging in the food.

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Did you know...
In many countries, if you want to make sure somebody is actually talking to you, you point a finger at your own chest and give a quizzical look.


In Japan, you give the same quizzical expression, but instead you lay the tip of your index finger on the end of your nose.

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