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Japanese Word for "English"

The Japanese word for English language is eigo. The pronounciation of eigo rhymes with the words "gray" and "snow".

Below are the two kanji for eigo. The first kanji by itself means "England", and the second one means "language" or "words".

The kanji for England--pronounced eiThe kanji for language--pronounced go

Here's the hiragana writing of eigo, the Japanese word for English:

Hiragana for a, pronounced ahHiragana for i, pronounced eeHiragana, pronounced shi

The way to ask "do you speak English?" in Japanese is "Eigo o hanasemasu ka". To say that you do speak English, in Japanese you would say "Hai, hanasemasu."

Did you know...
Japanese women, rather than their husbands, traditionally make all the financial decisions at home.

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