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Japanese Word for "Family"

The Japanese word for family is kazoku. The way to say it phonetically, is "kah-zoh-koo".

Below are the two kanji that make up kazoku. Each kanji has a meaning: the first one means"house", and the second one means "tribe" or "clan".

The kanji for sound--pronounced kah The kanji for music/comfort--pronounced zoh-koo

Kazoku, the Japanese word for family, can be written in hiragana as follows:

Hiragana for ka, pronounced kah Hiragana for zo, pronounced zoh Hiragana for ku, pronounced koo

If you wanted to ask someone how his or her family is doing, you'd ask "Go-kazoku wa dou desu ka".

If you wanted to ask someone how big his or her family is, just say Go-kazoku wa nan-nin imasu ka.

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Did you know...
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