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Japanese Word for "Foreigner"

The Japanese word for foreigner is gaijin. You pronounce it "gai-jeen".

There are two that make up gaijin, the Japanese word for foreigner. The first kanji means "outside" and the second one means "person".

The kanji for outside--gai The kanji for person--pronounced jeen

Here's how to write the Japanese word for foreigner in hiragana:

Hiragana for ga, pronounced gah Hiragana for i, pronounced ee Hiragana for ji, pronounced jee Hiragana for n

Gaijin is actually somewhat derogatory—it literally means "outside person".

A more polite way to refer to a foreigner in Japan is to say "gaikokujin", which means more like "person of an outside country".

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Did you know...
Japan is actually made up of over 6000 islands.

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