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Japanese Word for "Me"

The Japanese word for "me" or "I" is watashi. The way to say it phonetically is "wah-tah-shee".

Here's the kanji for watashi, the Japanese word for "me":

The kanji for me/I --pronounced wah-tah-shee

And here's how to write watashi in hiragana:

Hiragana for wa, pronounced wah Hiragana for ta, pronounced tah Hiragana for shi, pronounced shee

There are several other ways to say the Japanese word for "me". The most common other way to say it is boku, which should only be used by males, and is somewhat informal.

All in all, watashi is the best and most common way to say "I" in Japanese.

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Did you know...
Unlike American subways, Japanese subway cars are often completely silent.

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