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Japanese Word for "Music"

The Japanese word for music is ongaku. Phonetically, you'd say it "ohn-gah-koo".

Below are the two kanji that make up ongaku:

The kanji for sound--pronounced ohn The kanji for music/comfort--pronounced gah-koo

Here's how you'd write ongaku, the Japanese word for music, in hiragana:

Hiragana for o, pronounced ohHiragana for the letter n Hiragana for ga, pronounced gah Hiragana for ku, pronounced koo

If you wanted to ask someone what kind of music he/she likes, you'd just ask "Donna ongaku ga suki desu ka".

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Did you know...
The word for fish eyes—a popular delicacy in Japan known as medama—is made up of the Japanese characters for "eye" and "jewel".

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