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Japanese Word for "You"

The Japanese word for "you" is anata. The way to say it phonetically, is "ah-nah-tah".

Here's the kanji for anata, the Japanese word for "you".

The first part of the Japanese kanji for you The first part of the Japanese kanji for you

Typically, the Japanese word for "you" is not written in kanji. It's too complicated, so anata is usually written in hiragana.

Here's how to write anata in hiragana:

Hiragana for a, pronounced ah Hiragana for na, pronounced nah Hiragana for ta, pronounced tah

Anata is a tricky Japanese pronoun to use, and should only be used in certain occasions. You are usually better off addressing people respectfully by their title or last names.

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Did you know...
In Japan, it is impolite to look someone who is your senior in the eye.

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