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Your Privacy Is Important

You Can Be Comfortable

1)  At the time of this writing, I don't need your credit card info for any reason.

If I start selling some super-duper tools for how to learn Japanese later on, fine...then I will make sure your information is totally safe. Right now, I don't even need your info at all.

2)  I do NOT let any junk mailers get their mitts on your name and e-mail. The only way I'd even see those is if you send me a question or have a suggestion, and I don't want any more to do with spammers than you do.

3)  If you share a gem of knowledge with me and we agree that I should put it up on my site, I will only attribute it to your name if you ask me to.

4)  Most of all, you are a fellow Japanese enthusiast. I wouldn't do anything to screw you over, period.

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